Email Etiquette

Please address me as "Dr. Walton" or "Professor Walton" unless informed otherwise. I respond usually to emails for courses within 24 hours during weekdays.

In a course that requires proof writing?

Writing is an art and we all improve with time. Before submitting homework assignments, please read the proof writing tips below. "Proof Tips 2" is by Francis Su.


Current Courses (Spring 2019):

Math 417 (Undergraduate Abstract Algebra)

Reading Group: TQFTs & Frobenius Algebras
(co-facilitated with Dan Berwick-Evans)

Past Courses at UIUC

Math 506 (Fall 2018)

Graduate Representation Theory

Past Courses at Temple

Math 8011 (Fall 2017)

Graduate Algebra 1

Math 9011 (Spring 2017)

Homological Algebra

Math 3098 (Fall 2016)

Undergraduate Algebra 1