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Welcome to, a site for for people doing computational stuff with low-dimensional topology. If you know any other software that should be listed here, drop me a line. Suggestions are welcome.

--Nathan Dunfield

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Recent additions

2017/12/14: Added curver for studying the curve complex of a surface.
2017/11/16: Added KnotInfo an online database of knot invariants.
2016/04/8: Added flipper for manipulating curves and measured laminations on surfaces and producing mapping tori.
2015/12/7: Added polymake for studying the geometry of convex polytopes and polyhedra.
2015/1/20: Added shine for studying hyperbolic geodesics on surfaces.
2014/9/25: Added Andrews-Curtis for studying that conjecture.
2014/2/5: Added Branched for minimizing intersections of curves on a surface and drawing the result.
2013/11/6: Added KnotKit for computing with knot and their invariants.
2013/10/24: Added TQFT and HIKMOT.
2012/12/4: Added Mulitfario for computing manifolds that arise in dynamical systems.
2012/1/30: Added Bord Prog for studying Heegaard Floer homology.
2012/1/1: Added Rig for studying racks, quandles, and Nichols algebras.
2011/10/13: Added ACME for studying the Andrews-Curtis conjecture.
2010/10/10: Added Morwen Thistlethwaite's census of 8-tetrahedra manifolds.
2010/9/10: Added Bartholomew's programs for braids and knots.
2010/2/18: Added Kirby Calculator, for manipulating surgery descriptions of 3-manifolds.

2-dimensional manifolds

3-dimensional manifolds


SnapPea is a general purpose program for manipulation of 3-manifolds, with an emphasis on finite volume hyperbolic 3-manifolds. Allows entering of manifolds as Dehn surgery on link complements and from an extensive census of small-volume manifolds.

Other general 3-manifold programs.

Normal Surface Theory

Kleinian Groups

Foliations and other dynamics

Floer homology and gauge theory


Knot Theory and related topics

Combinatorial/Geometric Group Theory

Algebraic Topology

Here are some packages for computing the homology and cohomology of simplicial complexes and groups:

General polyhedra

Nathan Dunfield