Math 595 Intro to Nakajima Quiver Varieties, Fall 2018

MWF, 12-12:50 p.m., 243 Altgeld Hall
My information:

Thomas Nevins
357 Altgeld Hall
nevins AT illinois DOT edu
Office hours: To be announced; and by appointment.
Some Suggested Texts:
There will be some assigned reading and homework but it will be optional. Grading will be very gentle, but if you want to receive an A+ you should plan to complete some homework.
Tentative Course Plan:
Lecture Notes: [wk1][wk2][wk3][wk4][wk5][wk6] [wk7] [wk8]
Homework: [hw1 due 9/17/18]   [hw2 due 10/23/18]
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