Math 416, Abstract Linear Algebra, Fall 2018

Section B13: MWF, 9-9:50am, 347 Altgeld Hall
Section E13: MWF, 1-1:50pm, 445 Altgeld Hall

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Prof. Thomas Nevins
357 Altgeld Hall
nevins AT illinois DOT edu
Office hours: Mondays 2-2:50pm; Thursdays 12:15-1:50pm; and by appointment.
Proof-writing Practice Session: Fridays, 2-2:50pm, 343 Altgeld Hall.
Grader: Quang Dao,
Text: Linear algebra (4th Edition), by S.H. Friedberg, A.J. Insel, and L.E. Spence, Prentice-Hall ("[FIS]" below).
Additional reference: A first course in linear algebra, by R. Beezer ("[Bee]" below), free! and on-line or in downloadable PDF.
Midterm #1:     Wed., Sep. 26 (in class) :: covering Sections 1.1-1.6 of [FIS]; and SSLE, RREF, TSS of [Bee]. :: [handout][solutions][A range≥32, B range≥27, C range≥21]
Midterm #2:     Wed., Oct. 24 (in class) :: covering Sections 2.1-2.5 and 4.1-4.2 of [FIS] :: [handout][9am solutions][9am: A range ≥30, B range≥18] [1pm solutions][1pm: A range ≥30, B range ≥20, C range ≥10]
Midterm #3:     Fri, Nov. 30 (in class)   :: covering Sections 3.1, 4.2, 5.1-5.3, 6.1-6.2 of [FIS] :: [handout] :: [solutions][A range ≥73, B range ≥59, C range ≥45]
Final Exam:    Tuesday, December 18, 7-10pm, 1092 Lincoln Hall :: covering everything. If you have a time conflict, contact Prof. Nevins by Wednesday, December 12! :: [handout] :: some topics]

End of semester office hours: Thursday, December 13, 12-12:50pm in 357 Altgeld; Friday, December 14, 11-11:50am in 245 Altgeld.

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Extended Drop Deadline: If you are a student in LAS or Engineering, you may drop this course any time BEFORE Friday, November 16: after October 19 but before November 16, visit your college office in person.
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