Enumerative Geometry, Mirror Symmetry, and Physics

July 17-21, 2017   ✻   University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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✻   SPEAKERS to include
  • Lara Anderson (Virginia Tech)
  • Per Berglund (New Hampshire)
  • Jim Bryan (UBC)
  • Andrei Caldararu (Wisconsin)
  • Jinwon Choi (Sookmyung Women's U.)
  • Herb Clemens (Ohio State)
  • David Cox (Amherst)
  • Tudor Dimofte (Davis)
  • Ron Donagi (Penn)
  • Min-xin Huang (Hefei)
  • Hans Jockers (Bonn)
  • Shamit Kachru (Stanford)
  • Albrecht Klemm (Bonn)
  • Melissa Liu (Columbia)
  • Davesh Maulik (MIT)
  • David Morrison (Santa Barbara)
  • Andy Neitzke (Texas)
  • Thomas Nevins (UIUC)
  • Rahul Pandharipande (ETH Zürich)
  • Yongbin Ruan (Michigan)
  • Sakura Schafer-Nameki (Oxford)
  • Eric Sharpe (Virginia Tech)
  • Artan Sheshmani (QGM Aarhus/CMSA Harvard)
  • Arnav Tripathy (Harvard)

image courtesy of Artan Sheshmani

✻   FUNDING   Our conference is supported by the National Science Foundation, and the Departments of Mathematics and Physics of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

✻   SHELDON60   The conference week presents an opportunity to honor the contributions of Sheldon Katz, who recently turned 60.
There will be an event on Wednesday evening (July 19) at the Krannert Art Museum to celebrate Sheldon. Details will be announced at the conference. If you have not registered for the conference but would like to attend, please contact Tom Nevins to ensure that there is a space available for you.

✻   REGISTRATION   If you plan to attend conference events, please register at this link (by May 5 for fullest consideration for funding).

✻   HOUSING/LOCAL INFO   available here.

  • Ron Donagi (Penn)
  • Albrecht Klemm (Bonn)
  • Tom Nevins (UIUC)
  • Artan Sheshmani (QGM Aarhus/CMSA Harvard)

✻   QUESTIONS   If you have questions, please contact: