EGMSP 2017   ✻   Housing/Travel/Local Info


✻   LOCAL INFO   UIUC is located in Urbana-Champaign, Illinois. It can be reached
  • by air (Champaign Willard Airport, airport code CMI) via American Airlines and United Airlines;
  • by bus (Peoria Charter) from Chicago and Chicago airports;
  • by train (Amtrak) from downtown Chicago.

The Illini Union, and the housing provided by the conference to speakers and those with conference housing support, are within walking distance of the lectures and Campustown restaurants. Downtown Champaign (in particular the Hyatt Place Downtown) and downtown Urbana are easily accessed via
public transit. The Eastland Suites is most conveniently reached by the hotel shuttle, or by taxi/Uber.

✻   QUESTIONS   If you have questions, please contact: