I am a fifth year PhD student in Mathematics. My advisor is Chris Leininger. I am interested in mapping class groups of surfaces and Teichmüller space. Right now I am particularly interested in Cannon-Thurston maps, the asymptotic behavior of geodesic rays in Teichmüller space, and hierarchically hyperbolic space (HHS) structures.

New preprints

  • Hierarchically hyperbolic groups are determined by their Morse boundary [pdf] (January 2018)
  • Exotic limit sets of Teichmüller geodesics in the HHS boundary [pdf] , [arXiv] (submitted April 2017)
  • Non-existence of boundary maps for some hierarchically hyperbolic spaces [pdf] , [arXiv] (to appear in Algebraic and Geometric Topology)
My full CV can be found here (Updated 1/13/2018): CV

Sarah Mousley