MATH 540 B1-Real Analysis

Time:  MWF 12:00-12:50pm

Location:  140 Burrill Hall (Mathew Avenue) 

Instructor: Marius Junge   Office hours:  Thursday 5-6 , Grader   Scott Harman

Course description

Real Analysis, Math 540,  is not only a comp course. It is formemost an introduction to basic topics in measure and integration theory which are use in many areas in mathematics.
One original goal is a modern (meaning modern in 1920) aporach to calculculus which is powerful and rigourous. Solving this issue is improtant in applications to PDE, Fourier analysis and analytic aspects of geometry (Riemian manifolds).  We will also pursue another goal of making the notion of condition expectation in probability rigourous. Last, but not least, I will try to
demonstrate that some aspects of Hilbert space theory may be quite useful in solving real analysis problems.  So the plan is to cover some beautiful basic theory, the comp exam related examples, and show there there is life after MAth 540.

I:  Review: Continuous functions and compact sets

 Key words: basic definitions for metric spaces, continuous functions, and extension theorems.

II:  Measure Theory

 Key words: Rings, sigma-algebras, measures, Caratheordory's extension theorem, product measures, Kolmogorov's 0-1 law, application to probability, non-measurable sets        

II:  Measurable Functions

Key words: Borel measurable functions, independent random variables,   again Kolmogor, and Borel-Cantelli.   

III: Integration Theory
Key words:  Simple functions,  integration of positive functions, space of integrable functions, Fatou's Lemma and the dominated convergence theorem
    Vector-valued L_1
    Connection to Riemann integral 

V: Hilbert spaces
Key words: Basic definitions, Cauchy Schwarz, best approximation, existence of orthonormal basis.

IV: Banach spaces and Lp spaces

 Key words: Defintion, K-functional,  absolute  continuity, Radon-Nikodym theorem, duality, covering lemma, differentiablity 

VI: Bounded variation

Key words: Riesz representation theorem, singular measures
Examples and Cantor sets,

VII: Additional topics

Baire categorry

Old exam

Video lectures :


   Peter   Loeb: Real  Analysis,   Birkhauser, first addition, 2016     

back up:

    H. L. Royden, Patrick  Fitzpatrick: Real Analysis

    Prentice Hall, 2010, fourth edition.

Note: For additional reading both books are great, I will try the execrcies from Loeb's book, but make a foto of the page (just in case)


Homework   (60%)    

 The grader will only grade a selection of the submitted homework, and we will take someting like 8/11 for your grade. So you      have a chance to learn and make mistakes, but this is a time intensive endeavor 

Final (40%)    
Monday7:00-10:00 p.m., Thursday, May. 10


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