Operator Algebraic Tools in Quantum Information Theory 

Time:  Tuesday 4-5.45 pm        Wednesday 4-5.45 pm

Location:  TUM (Garching) 03.06.011/ 02.10.011 

Instructor: Marius Junge     

Course description

The focus of this course lies in information theoretical foundations based on common tools from functional analysis. The major gools are on entropic inequatities including
   Data processing
   Additivity of squashed entanglement
   Decay for semigroups


Quantum mechanics and simple norms

Entropy, weak typicality, and channels

p-data processing, p-summing maps and connection to classical capacity

Interpolation and noncommutative Lp

Basics on quantum

Data-processeing from interpolation

Recovery, Recovery2

Mixed Lp(Lq) spaces 
(The strong converse is contained in the second Urbana notes)

Urbana Notes I

Urbana Notes II

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