This is a short guide on how to pronounce my name more or less correctly; it is designed for native English speakers. The correct pronunciation of my name bares additional importance if you are taking my class AND would like to pass it.

Here is how it goes. The fist name, Igor, is pronounced with the emphasis on the first syllable, somewhat like in the word interesting. The second sylable is pretty much self-explanatory, just read it as it is written.

The last name, Mineyev, has 3 (three) syllables, the emphasis is on the second one.

  1. The first syllable sounds like in minute.
  2. The second syllable can be pronounced as in net, and ideally as in the Russian net rather than in the English net, if you know what I mean. If you don't, the English net would do. (Warning: Trying to say it nyet would be least appropriate.)
  3. The last syllable, yev, is pronounced as in yes with a v at the end. Actually, in the Russian language v becomes voiceless, that is f. But we are not aiming for perfection here, just a decent way of saying it would be sufficient, so feel free to say either v or f at the end.
Very nice and short guide. Use it to practice the correct pronunciation every time before going to bed until it comes to you naturally, without effort. In a couple of months you will notice that this is much easier than taking integrals of trigonometric functions. Hard work is always rewarded, no matter what you do.