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G3 conference on March 23-25, 2017, in Pensacola Beach, Florida.

Please arrive on Wednesday, March 22, and depart on Sunday, March 26. The talks will be on Thursday through Saturday, within the range 11.30am-8pm, in the hotel. (No talks on Sunday.) The organizers are Igor Belegradek, Matt Clay, Tullia Dymarz, Ben McReynolds, Igor Mineyev.

Tentative participants list.

Carolyn Abbott (U Wisconsin), Ellie Alhajjar (George Mason U), Ulysses Alvares (Binghamton U), Tarik Aougab (Brown U), Sahana Balasubramanya (Vanderbilt U), Juliette Bavard (U Chicago), Jason Behrstock (Lehman, CUNY), Igor Belegradek (Georgia Tech), Hadi Bigdely (Marianopolis College, Canada), Oleg Bogopolski (Duesseldorf, Germany), Inna Bumagin (Carleton, Canada), Matt Clay (U Arkansas), Ilya Gekhman (Yale U), Radhika Gupta (U Utah), Matthew Ryan Haulmark (UW-Milwaukee), Bryan Jeffrey Jacobson (Vanderbilt U), Dawid Kielak (Bielefeld, Germany), Jay Leach (Florida State), Ivan Levcovitz (CUNY), Kirk McDermott (Oregon State), Ben McReynolds (Purdue), Mike Mikhalik (Vanderbilt U), Igor Mineyev (UIUC), Tam Nguyen-Phan (Binghamton U), Denis Osin (Vanderbilt U), Yulan Qing (Toronto, Canada), Kasra Rafi (Toronto, Canada), Jacob Russel-Madonia (CUNY), Mark Sapir (Vanderbilt U), Dan Silver (U South Alabama), Rachel Skipper (Binghamton U), Chris Stover (Florida State U), Bin Sun (Vanderbilt U), Samuel J. Taylor (Yale U), Bena Tshishiku (Stanford U), Susan Williams (U South Alabama), Feng Zhu (U Michigan).

Abstracts and schedule.

Hotel information.

Days Inn Pensacola Beach, 16 Via de Luna Drive, Pensacola Beach, Florida.
Phone (850) 934-3300, toll free (800) 934-3301.


If you are planning to attent the conference, please send a email to dmcreyno (special non-mathematical symbol) purdue edu. If you are interested in giving a talk at the G3 conference or to be supported for travel/accommodation, include a short description of your research, an abstract of the proposed talk, and any other information you find relevant. We welcome interested graduate students, recent Ph.D., women, and minorities to apply. Mention whether your participation is contingent upon travel support from G3.

A certain time during the conference will be devoted to poster sessions/discussions; please do use this option. Participants are encouraged to bring their articles/preprints (one or multiple copies); there will be a designated place to display them for the duration of the conference.

Statement of Inclusiveness

We are a group of scholars, researchers, and teachers. We refuse to compromise the ideals of academic freedom and open exchange. We affirm that scientific events have to be open to everybody, regardless of race, sex, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, age, pregnancy, immigration status, or any other aspect of identity. We believe that such events have to be supportive, inclusive, and safe environments for all participants. We believe that all participants are to be treated with dignity and respect. Discrimination and harassment cannot be tolerated. We are committed to ensuring that the scientific events in which we participate follow these principles, and we request that organizers of scientific events make explicit statements on the event website to that effect.

G3 sweatshirts

are available at the conference. They are similar to this one, these, those, or those ones. The price will be about $13-$15.

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