Pictures from previous Gee Cubes.

G3 conference on April 5-8, 2012, Pensacola Beach, Florida.

The correct mathematical name is Gee Cube, not "gee three" :)

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The next G3 conference will take place on Thursday-Sunday, April 5-8, 2012. Come on Wednesday, April 4, or earlier. We start in the morning on Thursday, and finish by noon on Sunday. The talks will be at the hotel. As usual, we will begin the conference with several educational talks. Those are meant to be introductory talks in certain areas related to geometric group theory and intended for general audience.

Organizers: Josh Barnard, Igor Belegradek, Ben McReynolds, Igor Mineyev.
No registration fee is required for the conference. We are grateful for the support from the National Science Foundation.

Do not be affraid to meet people whom you see for the first time. This has been intentionally arranged for the purpose of interaction.

If you'd like to receive future G3 announcements (about once a year), please send a brief request to mineyev math uiuc edu. If you are planning to attend this conference, send an email to dmcreyno math purdue edu.

A preliminary list of participants: Margarita Amchislavska (Cornell), Hyungryul Baik (Cornell), Josh Barnard (U South Alabama), Igor Belegradek (Georgia Tech), Mustafa Benli (Texas A&M), Hadi Bigdely (McGill), Ian Biringer (Yale), Khalid Bou-Rabee (U Michigan), Michael Brandenbursky (Vanderbilt), Tara Davis (Hawaii Pacific), Karel Dekimpe (KU Leuven Kulak), Jonas Deré (KU Leuven Kulak), John Donnelly (Southern Indiana), Tullia Dymarz (U Paris-Sud 11 Orsay), Elisabeth Fink (Oxford), Alex Furman (UIC), Lukasz Grabowski (Imperial College, London), Rostislav Grigorchuk (Texas A&M), Adrian Ioana (UCSD), Vadim Kaimanovich (U Ottawa), Dilber Kocak (Texas A&M), Krystyna Kuperberg (Auburn), Robin Lassonde (U Michigan), Larsen Louder (U Michigan), Jason Manning (Buffalo), Ben McReynolds (U Chicago), Igor Mineyev (UIUC), Atish Mitra (South Florida), Lee Mosher (Rutgers), Tam Nguyen (U Chicago), Andrew Nicol (Ohio State), Pedro Ontaneda (Binghamton), Julien Paupert (Arizona State), Kasra Rafi (U Oklahoma), Rita Jimenez Rolland (Chicago), Harold Sultan (Columbia), Becca Winarski (Georgia Tech), Dongping Zhuang (Vanderbilt).

Abstracts and schedule

Abstracts for the talks are apearing now. Thanks to Atlas Conferences for providing this service.
The schedule is here. Please also note the lunch on Friday. Our great thanks to Jim and Beverly West who welcome the G3 participants to their house.

Hotel information.

Days Inn Pensacola Beachfront, 16 Via de Luna, Pensacola Beach, Florida. Phone (800)934-3301 (toll-free) or (850)934-3300. The conference room is in the same hotel.

Due to limited funds the expectation is that junior participants will share the room (a standard motel room with 2 beds). A participant can have a room all to himself/herself but in that case half of the room needs to be paid from other sources (else the conference will run out of money). All hotel questions should be addressed to Igor Belegradek (ib math gatech edu) who will arrange hotel registration for all participants; please email him your arrival departure info as well as special hotel requests, if any.

Giving a talk, travel/accommodations support.

We welcome interested graduate students, recent Ph.D., women, and minorities to apply. If you are interested in giving a talk at the G3 conference or to be supported for travel/accommodation, please send an email at dmcreyno math purdue edu with a short description of your research, an abstract of the proposed talk, and any other information you find relevant. Mention if you are planning to attend, and whether this is contingent upon travel support from G3.

A certain time during the conference will be devoted to poster sessions/discussions; please do use this option. Participants are encouraged to bring their articles/preprints (one or multiple copies); there will be a designated place to display them for the duration of the conference.

If you'd like to have a G3 sweatshirt

We will be ordering some more G3 sweatshirt soon. They will be similar to this one, these ones, or those ones. The price will be about $13. Please contact jbarnard jaguar1 usouthal edu with any questions regarding the sweatshirts. If you'd like to have some, mention the size you need (small, medium, large), and how many.