Pictures from previous gee cubes.

The next G3 will be April 2-5, 2009, South Padre Island, TX.

The next G3 will take place on the gulf coast from Thursday, April 2 to Sunday, April 5, 2008.

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Plan on coming. It is best to arrive not later than the evening of Wednesday, April 1 (= the Mathematician's Day), and to leave not earlier than Sunday noon, April 5. We plan to start in the morning on Thursday and to finish talks around noon on Sunday. The rest of Sunday (and any time after) will be devoted to informal discussions among those surviving longer.

The conference room is at the hotel (see below). No registration fee is required for the conference.

Do not be affraid to meet people whom you see for the first time. This has been intentionally arranged for the purpose of interaction.

Organizers: Josh Barnard, Igor Belegradek, Igor Mineyev.
We are grateful for the support from National Science Foundation for this confrence.

A very incomplete list of people attending: Daniel Allcock (University of Texas), Gabriel Amos (UC Davis), Josh Barnard (University of South Alabama), Igor Belegradek (Georgia Tech), Ian Biringer (University of Chicago), Khalid Bou-Rabee (University of Chicago), Christopher Connell (Indiana University), John Donnelly (University of Southern Indiana), James Forehand (UC Davis), Jianhua Gong (United Arab Emirates University), Daniel Groves (University of Illinois, Chicago), Ursula Hamenstaedt (Bonn University), Enrico Le Donne (Yale University), Ben McReynolds (Chicago University), Dan Margalit (Tufts University), Robert McCann (University of Totonto, Canada), Erika Meucci (University of Utah), Igor Mineyev (UIUC), Atish J Mitra (University of Tennessee), Oleg Musin (Univrsity of Texas at Brownville), Daniela Nikolova-Popova (Florida Atlantic University), Ivonne Ortiz (Miami University), Julien Paupert (University of Utah), Eduardo Martinez Pedroza (McMaster Univerity), Kevin Pilgrim (Indiana University), Pablo Suarez-Serrato (CIMAT), Jing Tao (UIC), Andreas Thom (University of Goettingen, Germany), Jim West (Cornell University), Claire Wladis (BMCC/CUNY).

If you think of coming for the conference, please send us a short note at ib math gatech edu. This will help our planning. ("Yes, I am coming", "Maybe I am coming", "I am coming with probability ...%" are accepted and appreciated.)

Abstracts and schedule

The abstracts submitted so far are available. Our thanks to Atlas Conferences, Inc. for providing this service.

Here is the conference schedule.

Hotel information.

Howard Johnson Express Inn, South Padre Island Resort.
1709 Padre Blvd
Queen Isabella & Padre Blvd
South Padre Island, TX, 78597 US
phone (956)761-5658.

Please call to reserve a room. The rate is $69 + tax if you mention the group name: G3.

If you'd like to give a talk.

We welcome interested graduate students, recent Ph.D., women, and minorities to apply. There are several time slots and some (limited) travel/accommodation support available. If you are interested in giving a talk at the G3 conference or to be supported for travel, please send us an email at ib math gatech edu with a short description of your research, an abstract of the proposed talk, and any other information you find relevant. Please keep in mind that this is a small conference, which unfortunately means that many of the applicants will not have an opportunity for a talk or to be supported for travel. On the other hand, there will be a time during the conference devoted to poster sessions/discussions; please use this option if you don't give a talk. There will also be a place designated for article/preprints for the duration of the conference; participants are very much encouraged to bring them (one or multiple copies).

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