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G3 on Tuesday - Friday, January 9-12, 2007, in New Orleans, LA.

This will be right after the AMS meeting in New Orleans. Also see the answers to questions about having a conference in New Orleans at their website. It pretty much says that everything will be fine (in case you have any concerns). If you are coming for that AMS meeting, just extend your stay.

The G3 conference will start in the morning on Tuesday and finish in the afternoon on Friday. The best would be to arrive on January 8 and to leave either late in the evening on January 12, or on January 13. More information will appear here.

As usual, we will start with a few educational talks. Those are oriented toward students, non-experts, general audience. We encourage students/recent PhD, and also women and minorities to apply by sending a short description of their research (and mentioning what they are asking for). We will try to give preference to those who do not give talks at the AMS meeting, for more participation (though this is not strict), so if you do, please mention that. Those students who share a room will have preference for room reimbursement.

Do not be affraid to meet people whom you see for the first time. This has been arranged on purpose.

Conference organizers: Stephen Brick, Craig Jensen, Igor Mineyev.

Let us know if you expect attending the conference. (Acceptable answers: "yes", "maybe", or "coming with probability ...".) This will help our planning.

An incomplete list of those who are coming for the conference: Angela Barnhill, Gérard Besson, Kai-Uwe Bux, Ivo Janier Calderin, Ruth Charney, Gilles Courtois, Sa'ar Hersonsky, Craig Jensen, Ilia Kapovich, Natasa Macura, Michael Mihalik, Igor Mineyev, Damian Osajda, Dmytro Savchuk, Justin Smith, Mariya Vorobets, Yaroslav Vorobets.

We are looking for people with digital cameras to take pictures during the conference.


We are planning to stay at
Doubletree Hotel New Orleans
300 Canal Street, New Orleans, Louisiana, United States 70130-1010
Tel: +1-504-581-1300 Fax: +1-504-522-4100
When making reservations, please mention "GGG conference", this is the name of our group (!). The group rate should be $99 plus 12% tax plus $2 occupancy tax per room per night. Rooms can be shared.

Abstracts and schedule.

Abstracts are here. Our thanks to Atlas Conferences Inc for providing this service.

A tentative schedule of talks is now available.

Current mathematical climate.

Many thanks to those who came to the G3 conference in November 2004, despite the fact that we had to move it to Destin, Florida, after hurricane Ivan damaged the hotel in Pensacola Beach. See pictures of those brave men and women. (Also pictures from previous G3.) The hurricane season begins in June and ends in November. Peak storm activity typically occurs from the end of August through mid-September. We are not planning any hurricanes during the conference this time. Please rest assured that the next G3 will take place. In the worst case, if after this year's hurricane season it will not be possible to host the conference in New Orleans, it will take place somewhere else at the same time. Nothing can prevent us from doing mathematics. Plan on coming.

Articles and preprints.

It is a small conference with a small number of talk slots. But those who are not given a chance to present a talk are invited to exhibit their work. A special place in the conference room will be designated for participants' articles and preprints ("poster session"). Everyone is very much encouraged to bring (multiple copies of) their articles/preprints to discuss and to share with others. There will be a specific period of time set during the conference for participants to discuss their displayed articles with others. This is to give everyone an opportunity to present their work. Make sure to get involved.


G3 sweatshirts are real cool. To have an idea what it looks like, see, for example this picture, this picture, or that picture. We have pretty much just one sweatshirt left for sale at this time. But at least you can see the pictures...

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