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The hurricane hit Florida, especially Pensacola, and especially Pensacola Beach. Mobile and Dauphin Island areas in Alabama too. See the hurricane news and info. The Clarion Resort and Convention Center in Pensacola Beach, where G3 has been originally planned to take place, is damaged and closed indefinitely. (Those are lucky ones who attended G3 in 2002.)

The new conference location is Hampton Inn in Destin, Florida. Since the hurricane was so sudden, we really needed to find a new place quickly. Hampton Inn in Destin was the best choice available. Unfortunately, the conference room there is smaller than in Pensacola. Please be prepared to squeeze. We really hope that everyone will fit... In advance, we deeply apologize for any possible inconvenience!

Otherwise, the hotel is cheaper, and that is a great place which is 100 yards/meters from the beach.

It is a good idea to arrive on Wednesday. The closest airport is the one north of Fort Walton Beach, in Okaloosa county. If you have bought your tickets to Pensacola already, there are two options.

For those people who chose the second option, you might want communcate with each other to drive together. Here are bits of emails from those participants who would like to have more information about sharing. You might send your own info to be posted, or contact one of those participants. If you rent a car and can give a ride to someone, please let us know whe you arrive and depart, this information will be put here.

No hurricanes will diminish mathematicians' will to learn.

The next G2.5 conference will take place on Thursday-Sunday, November 11-14, 2004, in Destin, Florida. It is located here (see that red star on the map). We will start on Thurdsday morning with some educational talks for general audience. The conference will finish before Sunday noon.

Pictures from the previous G3 in February 2004, Mobile, AL are now available.

The organizers: Stephen Brick, Craig Jensen, Igor Mineyev. More information will appear at this page as we proceed. If you would like your name to be added to (or subtracted from :) the mailing list for future G3 announcements, please send a note.

Speakers: Jason Behrstock (Columbia University), Igor Belegradek (Georgia Tech), Marc Bourdon (Lille, France), Noel Brady (University of Oklahoma), Indira Chatterji (Cornell University), Francois Dahmani (ETH, Switzerland and Toulouse, France), Henry Glover (Ohio State), Jim Howie (Heriot Watt University, UK), Gabriele Link (Ecole Polytechnique, France and University of Karlsruhe, Germany), Ashot Minasyan (Vanderbilt University), Igor Nikolaev (University of Calgary, Canada), Frank Quinn (Virginia Tech), Tim Riley (Yale University), Kim Ruane (Tufts University), Mark Sapir (Vanderbilt Univeristy), Guoliang Yu (Vanderbilt University).

Schedule and abstracts. Thanks to Atlas Conferences who let us use their abstract services.

Also attending the conference: Steve Brick (University of South Alabama), Jon Corson (University of Alabama), Daniel Farley (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Daniel Groves (CalTech), Craig Jensen (University of New Orleans), Mike Mihalik (Vanderbilt University), Igor Mineyev (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Alexey Muranov (Vanderbilt University), Graham Niblo (University of Southampton, UK), Alexander Ol'shanskii (Vanderbilt Univerity), Daniel Silver (University of South Alabama), Dmitriy Sonkin (Vanderbilt University), Susan Williams (University of South Alabama), and others.

Hotel and conference room.

Hampton Inn in Destin, Florida.
Address: 1625 Highway 98 East, Destin, Florida.
Phone: (850)654-2677.

Call the hotel to reserve a room. Do it as soon as possible, but certainly before November 4. Make sure to mention "Geometric Group Theory" when reserving the suite to receive the group (!) rate of $69 + tax per night. You will be asked for a credit card number for reservation.

A wireless connection should be available in each room. For those whose computer does not support wireless connection, there is a limited numbers of adapters. There is a choice of a double-bed room or one-kingsize-bed room Participants are encouraged to share rooms.


The best way to come to the place seems to be by arriving at the airport that is north of Fort Walton Beach, and taking a taxi to Destin for 20-25 minutes. You might want to rent a car during your stay.

Articles and preprints.

A special place in the conference room will be designated for participants' articles and preprints ("poster session"). Everyone is very much encouraged to bring (multiple copies of) their articles/preprints to discuss and to share with others.

NEW: There will be a specific period of time set during the conference for participants to discuss their displayed articles with others. This is to give everyone an opportunity to present their work. Make sure to get involved.


G3 sweatshirts are real cool. To have an idea what it looks like, see, for example this picture or that picture. Let us know if you would like to have one for $13 at the conference so that we have enough supply.

Past G3 Conferences

Photo Album

Here are some photos from the conferences of years past.