G3 conference, November 2002

The second G3 conference this year will take place in Pensacola Beach, Florida on November 8-10, 2002. This is a beautiful resort. Right on the gulf coast, of course. Note that even though the temperature there is not exactly high in November, it might be possible to swim. (Certainly no problem for Siberian people.) And the hotel prices are the cheapest at that time.

Please plan to arrive in the afternoon-evening on Thursday, November 7, and to leave late afternoon on Sunday, November 10. The talks will finish by noon on Sunday.

The conference organizers: Stephen Brick, Igor Mineyev, Mark Sapir and Guoliang Yu.
Contact email: mineyev@math.uiuc.edu

We will go deep sea fishing (there seem to be enough participants willing to join now).
How about changing the name to
"Geometric Grouper Theory on the Gulf Coast"?


We have 20 rooms available for the 3 nights on November 7-10 at
Clarion Suites Resort.
Address: 20 Via De Luna Dr, Pensacola Beach, FL 32561-2004.
Phone: 1-800-874-5303 or (850)932-4300 (24 hours for reservations).

Please call Clarion Suites Resort to reserve your room. Do it as soon as possible, but certainly no later than October 10. You will be asked to provide a credit card number. Make sure to mention "Geometric Group Theory" conference when reserving the room to obtain the group rate (geometric group rate :) of $76 ($84.74 with tax) per night. This is cheaper than the cheapest regular rate for this hotel.

The "rooms" are actually "one bedroom suites", and they have a bed and a sofa sleeper, so they can be shared (for a small additional price). They can accommodate a family up to 4 people.

We can only guarantee the rooms, and the rate, for the 3 nights on November 7-10, and only for the first 20 people who call before October 10. For other dates, or if 20 rooms are taken, or after October 10, if rooms are not available, you will need to find accommodations by yourself.

Description of the rooms (that is "one bedroom suites").
Zoomable map of the area.
Directions to the hotel.
Nearby restaurants.

There are other hotels within walking distance from Clarion. The closest is Best Western. Here are some other nearby hotels.

Average temperatures in Pensacola and curent weather forecast.


The best way to come to the place seems to be by arriving at Pensacola Regional Airport, and taking a taxi. We are told the taxi from the airport to the hotel is about $25. Here are the directions to the hotel. Please buy tickets early. There will be some kind of festivity at that time, so it is wise to buy tickets right now to guarantee availability.

You might want to rent a car during your stay in Pensacola Beach.

It might be fun to stay in the hotel longer, or to come earlier, if you choose. In that case you would need to find accommodations for any additional dates.

Here is flights and airport information in Pensacola.


Please submit an abstract.

View the abstracts submitted.

TENTATIVE SCHEDULE (please note that it was changed recently)

Lunch at Flounder's 2.40pm-4.10pm
4:20pm-5pm            Mladen Bestvina
5:15pm-5:55pm         Dani Wise
Dinner at Bay Side Grill, Beach Side Resort, start at 7pm.

Breakfast at the hotel.
9am-9:40am            Leonid Potyagailo
9:55am-10:35am        Noel Brady
25-minute break
11am-11:40am          Rostislav Grigorchuk
11:55am-12:35pm       Nicolas Monod
25-minute break
1pm-1:40pm            Victor Gerasimov
Lunch at Calypso

3pm-3:40pm            Karel Dekimpe
3:55pm-4:35pm         Erik Guentner
25-minute break
5pm-5:40pm            Aleksander Olshanskii
Dinner at Jubilee.

Breakfast at the hotel.
9am-9:40am            Alexey Miasnikov
9:55am-10:35am        Ilya Kapovich
25-minute break
11am-11:40am          Andrzej Zuk
There will be two overhead projectors and two boards. The boards are not exactly large (4' by 6' each), so the speakers might want to prepare transparencies for the talks.

Also coming for the conference: Patrick Bahls, Igor Belegradek, Stephen Brick, Craig Jensen, Ralph McKenzie, John Meakin, Mike Mihalik, Igor Mineyev, John Ratcliffe, Lucas Sabalka, Mark Sapir, Zoran Sunik, Xiangdong Xie, Guoliang Yu and others.

Please tell us if you are coming, and also if you are looking for a roommate.

Articles and preprints.

A special place in the conference room will be designated for participants' articles and preprints (poster session). Everyone is encouraged to bring (multiple copies of) their articles/preprints for others to see and/or take.


We especially welcome students' participation in the conference. There might be some partial support available as well. Sharing a room is strongly recommended. Please send us a letter if you are interested, as soon as possible. Include your institution's name and a short description of your research interests.

We will try to give preference to those who were not supported in the past. There are no more time slots left for talks, but those students participating in the poster session (described above) will be also given preference.

Please tell us if you would like to share a room and looking for a roommate.

Deep sea mathematics

There are enough people willing to join, so we will go deep sea fishing. We will rent a boat on Friday approximately from 8:30am to 2:30pm. Please have breakfast in the hotel early and meet the other fishermen at 8:00am at the entrance of the hotel. If you have a car, it will be helpful if you can give a ride to others.

Our boat will be the Lively One. Of course, no federal money will be used to cover fishing expenses. With the current number of participants the price is about $95-100 per person, and cheaper if more people join. Please have cash or a check ready when we meet at 8:30am on Friday. The boat takes up to 25 people. Please tell us in advance if you are willing to participate.

We are planning to order some sandwiches and stuff to be delivered to the boat in the morning. That will probably cost about $3-5 per person, and will be included in that $100 or so fishing price. Don't forget to take your hat and sunscreen. We really want you to stay alive and healthy for the talks next two days, and for a long time after that. :)

A word of advice from the boat owner:
I am not sure what the weather will be that day, however, if it is cool you should bring something warm. Many times when I fish in November I bring sweat pants and shirt with a T-shirt and shorts in case I get hot.
Polarized sunglasses work well on the water. Boat shoes if you have them, tennis shoes if you do not. Sunscreen for your face is recommended.

Seems like we will be able to cook the catch after fishing, in a restaurant near the hotel. Or you can just leave it to the ship owner if you wish.

The proud fishermen so far: Igor Belegradek, Mladen Bestvina, Noel Brady, Victor Gerasimov, Rostislav Grigorchuk, Ilya Kapovich, Ralph McKenzie, John Meakin, Alexey Miasnikov, Mike Mihalik, Igor Mineyev, Nicolas Monod, Leonid Potyagailo, Mark Sapir, Zoran Sunik, Dani Wise, Andrzej Zuk. Join!


G3 sweatshirts are real cool. To have an idea what it looks like, see, for example this picture or that picture. Tell us if you would like to have one (for about $13) at the conference so that we have enough supply.

Past G3 Conferences

Photo Album

Here are some photos from the conferences of years past.