Description of the G3 conference in New Orleans, March 15-17, 2002.

G3 is a mathematics conference in geometric group theory that is now a regular annual affair.

The complete list of organizers (past and present) is: Phil Bowers (Florida State University), Martin Bridson (Oxford University), Stephen Brick (University of South Alabama), Jon Corson (University of Alabama), Craig Jensen (University of New Orleans), and Igor Mineyev (University of South Alabama).

The acting organizers for this particular conference are Stephen Brick, Craig Jensen, and Igor Mineyev.

G3-2002 will run Friday, March 15, 2002 to Sunday, March 17, 2002 in New Orleans on the campus of the University of New Orleans. The conference will start at 4pm on Friday. There will be talks all day Saturday and Sunday morning. We are also planning on at least one social event. The conference will end by noon on Sunday, please see the schedule below.


The Training, Resource and Assistive Technology Center (TRAC center) is open and we have reserved 12 rooms (4 large suites for $55 a night and 8 normal rooms for $44 a night). Most of the rooms are doubles, so you can share them if your are interested. The TRAC is on campus and ideal for everything. Those interested should call Angelique (504-280-5708) or Naomi (504-280-5714) before Feb 15 or we will lose the reservations. (Note: Angelique is Naomi's student worker and Naomi seemed to want people to call Angelique first :-). Mention the UNO Math Conference to get the rate and rooms. You can check in any time after 1 pm.

Another possibility is (for those wishing to stay by the French Quarter, which is roughly 4-5 miles from UNO's main campus) the Radisson, where we have reserved 10 rooms. Their number is 504-522-4500 and the rate is $129 a night. This is actually a good rate for a near-the-quarter-hotel because there is some huge conference in town that weekend and all of the rates are jacked up. The Radisson offers shuttle service to and from the airport, which is in Kenner and nowhere near either the quarter or campus. Mention the UNO Math Conference to get the rate and rooms.

There is also a bed and breakfast place, the Rose Manor Inn that offers rooms for $75-85 a night (877-886-7673, 7214 Pontchartrain Boulevard, again mention UNO math conference). The bed and breakfast is lakefront and close to UNO (although NOT close enough to walk except for the energetic.)

Conference Fee

We will be charging a nominal fee of $25 or less. This will help pay for a conference photo and possibly conference T-shirts or sweatshirts.

Financial Support

We have some limited funding available to help defray the cost of participating in the conference. For the funding, we will try to give preference to recent PhD's and graduate students. Please contact us if you are interested. And please include the appropriate information about your PhD and research, and what you will present at the conference.

Here are the directions to the University of New Orleans.

There will be a dinner on Saturday. Please see the directions to the dinner place (please note that they have been changed recently).

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All the talks will be in Math 102.
4pm-4:30pm         Jason Manning
4:40pm-5:10pm      Elmas Irmak

8am-8:50am         Stephen Gersten 
20 minute break
9:10am-9:40am      Alexey Muranov
9:50am-10:20am     Dmitriy Sonkin
30 minute break
10:50am-11:20am    Ashot Minasyan
11:30am-12noon     Bilal Khan

1:40pm-2:30pm      Ilya Kapovich
20 minute break
2:50pm-3:20pm      Denis Serbin
3:30pm-4pm         Peter Brinkmann
30 minute break
4:30pm-5pm         John Stallings
                   (actually Igor Mineyev gave a talk)

8am-8:50am         Paul Schupp
20 minute break
9:10am-9:40am      Daniel Groves
9:50am-10:20am     Swiatoslaw Gal
30 minute break
11:30am-12noon     Kim Whittlesey

Past Conferences


G3 sweatshirts are real cool. To have an idea what it looks like, see, for example this picture or that picture. That is, we do not have them in stock ready, but if there are enough people willing to have one, we might order some more.

Photo Album

Here are some photos from the conferences of years past.