MATH 503, Spring 2020. Introduction to geometric group theory.

Professor: Igor Mineyev, 243 Illini Hall. mineyev illinois edu
It is better to talk to me before/during/after the class and to come to office hours rather than to send email. Discussions are more efficient that way.
Class time and place: MWF 3:00-3:50p.m., 443 Altgeld Hall.
Office hours. Monday and Wednesday, 4:10-5:00p.m., Illini Hall 243.
Course description.

Because of COVID19, this course and many other courses will transition to an online format, at least for the two weeks after the spring break. I am learning what can and will be done. Prepare for a wild ride. We will need to implement a least-disruptive plan possible. As we proceed, more information will be posted here. Please check this page in the coming days and weeks.
The grade will be based on attendance and homework. Actively participating in class is a very good idea too.

Homework. There is no standard textbook for the course. If you are interested in learning geometric/combinatorial group theory in depth, here is an incomplete list of books related to the subject, in no particular order.

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