Math 535 General topology, Fall 2019.

Class time and place: MWF 2.00pm-2.50pm, 447 Altgeld Hall.
Professor: Igor Mineyev, 243 Illini Hall. Email is not very efficient for discussions. Please talk to me before/during/after classes and come to office hours.
Office hours: For the first half of semester, before October 19: Monday and Wednesday, 3.10pm-4.00pm.
After October 19: Monday and Wednesday, 4.10pm-5.00pm.
Textbook: James Munkres, Topology, second edition. For additional material, feel free to look at Algebraic topology by Hatcher (freely available online).
Course description.

Homework will appear here. If a newer version does not show up, restart your browser. We will roughly follow Part 1 of the textbook, plus some concepts from algebraic topology and functional analysis.

Exams and grades. Do not miss the exams. There will be two midterm exams:

at the regular time. The final exam will be at 8:00-11:00 a.m., Monday, December 16, 2019, in the regular classroom, as stated in the Final Exam Schedule. Two lowest homework assignments and one lowest exam will be dropped at the end of the course to allow for emergency situations. Do not miss exams. The highest midterm exam will count as 20% of the grade, the homework 50%, and the final exam 30%.

To see your current score for the class, click on the "Score Reports" link on the left in, then enter your password.

I will also teach
Math 595 Open problems in group theory and L2-cohomology, half-semester, starts on October 19, 2019.
Math 503 Introduction to geometric group theory, Spring 2020.
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