Math 447 Real variables, Fall 2018.

Class time and place: MWF 9:00am-9:50am, 141 Altgeld Hall.
Professor: Igor Mineyev, 243 Illini Hall. Email is not very efficient for discussions. Please talk to me before/during/after classes and come to office hours.
Office hours: Monday and Wednesday, 1.00pm-1.50pm.
Textbook: Elementary analysis: The theory of calculus, second edition, by Kenneth Ross.

About the course.

1. Real Numbers
2. Sequences
3. Continuity and metric spaces
4. Sequences and series of functions
5. Differentiation.
6. Integration.

We regularly meet with four students in the class who will do some extra reading/work/presentation on topics related to analysis/functional analysis/applications. We meet on Wednesdays at 5pm next to my office, then we find a room somewhere in Illini Hall. (Room 225 is one option if it is available.) Feel free to join and listen to the discussion/presentation if you like. This is optional, not required for the course.
Homework will be listed here. If a newer version does not show up, restart your browser.

Exams and grades. Do not miss the exams. There will be two midterm exams at the regular class time:

The highest-score midterm exam will count as 25%, the homework 25%, the project 20%, and the final exam 30%. One lowest midterm exam and two lowest homework assignments will be dropped at the end of the semester to allow for emergency situations. Do not miss classes, exams or homework. If you miss eight or more classes during the semester (counting regular classes, midterms, and the final exam), a failing grade will be assigned at the end of the course regardless of performance during the semester. To see your current score for the class, click on the "Score Reports" link on the left in, then enter your password. The dropped assignments and exams will be marked with "**" at the end of semester.

The project. The students will be randomly split into groups to work on a project in the second half of the semester, to write a report, and to present it to the class. Select the topic of your project early and start working on it now. Take initiative, discuss it with me and others in advance. The main requirements for the project:

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