Hopefully, at least two or three of these positions should be for mathematics.


The link is:




Applicants should hold a Ph.D obtained some time between January 1st, 2005 and March 19th, 2010. The position is for two years, starting some time between May and September 2010, and the salary is 20.815,34 euros per year (which is fine for Spain).


The terms of the position and the application form are unfortunately only available in catalan, although no knowledge of catalan or spanish is required at all: it is a full research position, including no teaching duties at all. Research at UPC is mainly done in english. Fortunately enough, the application form is VERY simple.


If you are not able to understand anything, contact Mireia Ribera

(mireia.ribera.mitjans@upc.edu) for assistance.


In the application form, you are asked to fill some information about the research group you are interested in joining (formally, you don't need to get in contact with them, though you may wish to do that).


If your area of research is Number Theory, this is also my subject and we'll be very happy if you get one of these position. In the application form uou must write the following:


1) Nom del grup de recerca: Teoria de Nombres

2) Nom del projecte a desenvolupar: Just write the title (in english) of your research statement.

3) Director del Grup de Recerca: Joan Carles Lario


That's it. The web site of our group is




Please forward this information to anybody that might be interested.