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Midwest Topology Conference Spring 2003

22 April 2003

The Midwest Topology Conference for the spring of 2003 will take place at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign on Saturday April 26, 2003.

The schedule of talks for the conference is

  1. [10:00] Mark Walker, ``Semi-topological theories and weight filtrations''
  2. [11:30] Ernesto Lupercio, ``Orbifolds and localizations''
  3. [2:30] Stephan Stolz, ``1-dimensional super symmetric quantum field theories and K-theory''
  4. [4:00] Daniel Biss, ``Decomposing Out(F_n)''

All talks will held in Room 106 Lincoln Hall. Note that this is not the main building of the mathematics department, Altegeld Hall. The math department is hosting a state-wide high school math competition on April 26, so most rooms near the mathematics department are in use. Lincoln Hall is two blocks south of Altgeld Hall on Wright Street. A variety of maps of the campus is available at Directions for driving to campus can by found at

In case anyone planning to attend the conference is interested in film, Champaign-Urbana is also hosting Roger Ebert's fifth annual Overlooked Film Festival from April 23 to April 27 (

The National Science Foundation has made some funds available to the Midwest Topology Conference, particularly to support participation by junior mathematicians. If you wish to apply for support, please contact Matthew Ando <>.

Information about the conference will be available at For more information about the Midwest Topology Seminar, see Bob Bruner's page here.

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