Hello, I am Stephen Maguire. This is a brief webpage with links you may find helpful that have aided me in my daily life at UIUC, information about me, and links to photos of some of my family.

My research interests are in the area of Geometric Invariant Theory, and in particular non-reductive groups.

Here are some talks I have given

Here are some books I like on Algebraic Geometry:

Here are some books I like on Invariant Theory:

Webmail: Many students will get their email here.

Enterprise: A site that many students use to register for classes.

Course info is here.

Here is the math website.

Here are comp study guides.

Here is the ArXiv ArXiv.

Here is a link to LaTeX Community, a helpful web forum for all respectful people wishing to learn about LaTeX math word processing software.

Family pictures are here.

Email me at maguire2@uiuc.edu .