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About research:

Math Calendar of UIUC.

MatheSciNet (or this one through the proxy of library).
Front for the arXiv.

Mathematics Genealogy Project
MSC 2010 and 2000 to 2010 Conversion
Reid: Chapters on algebraic surfaces.
Rietsch: An introduction to Perverse Sheaves
Anderson: Notes of Equivariant cohomology in AG lectured by Fulton
Wilkins: Getting Started with LaTeX
Terry Tao
UIUC bbs
Ph.D. comics
Putnam exams

Macaulay2 webpage
Eisenbud, Grayson, Stillman, Sturmfels: Computations in algebraic geometry with Macaulay2
Linux and UNIX shell programming [electronic resource]/ David Tansley.

About teach:

UI Academic Calendar
Enterprise Application login to access roster and grades.

Transportation: CUMTD(Union), Greyhound , Amtrak, Southeast, Lex, Illini Shuttle, PeoriaCharter.

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