The University of Illinois Algebraic Geometry Seminar
Spring 2010, Tuesday 3:00-3:50pm, place: room 243 Altgeld Hall.

date speaker affiliation title (click for an abstract)
Feb. 8 (Mon,4pm,243 Altgeld)
Kevin Tucker University of Michigan Jumping Numbers and Multiplier Ideals on Algebraic Surfaces
Feb. 9
Kevin Tucker University of Michigan On the Number of Log Canonical Centers and Compatibly F-Split Subvarieties
Mar. 2
Dawei Chen University of Illinois at Chicago Torus coverings and rigid curves on moduli spaces
Mar. 16 (2pm,243 Altgeld)
Gabriele La Nave Yeshiva University Canonical metrics and their Geometric Analytic and Algebro-Geometric Aspects
Mar. 16
Susan Sierra Princeton University Point schemes and point stacks of noncommutative graded algebras
Mar. 23
No seminarSpring Vacation
Mar. 30
Travis Schedler MIT Poisson traces and D-modules
Apr. 6
David Smyth Harvard Modular compactifications of M_{g,n}
Apr. 13
Gwyn Bellamy University of Edinburgh Cuspidal representations for rational Cherednik algebras
Apr. 27
May 4 (4pm at 341 Altgeld)
Giulio Caviglia Purdue University A class of Gorenstein algebras that are Koszul

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