Math 231 (Calculus II) Fall 2020

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  • HW is done via WebAssign and can be found here.
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  • Course Description

    Calculus II is the second semester continutation of Calculus I, and assumes a very good working knowledge of limits, derivatives, basic integration, and integration by substitution. We will learn that integration is not nearly as straightforward as differentiation, and learn MANY different techniques for integrating functions (such as partial fractions and trig substitution). We then go on to study inifinite sequences and series and their applications, which is a major shift in methodology.

    For most people, Calculus II is the most challenging term in the calculus sequence, mainly beause it takes a a fair amount of maturity and creativity that you may not have needed up to this point. There are a larger number of interrelated concepts than before, and solving a single problem can require thinking about one concept or object in several different ways. Because of this, conceptual understanding is more important than ever, and it is not possible to learn a short list of “problem templates” in lecture that will allow you to do all the HW and exam problems. Thus, while lecture and section will include many worked examples, you will still often be asked to solve a HW problem that doesn’t match up with one that you’ve already seen. The goal here is to get a solid understanding of calculus so you can solve any such problem you encounter in mathematics, the sciences, or engineering, and that requires trying to solve new problems from first principles, if only because the real world is sadly complicated.


    We will cover Chapters 7, 8, 10 and 11 of

    Please note that this course uses the 8th edition rather than the 7th. You will also need WebAssign access to do the homework. For complete information on purchasing options for both, see If you have the standard text and WebAssign package from Math 220 or 221 from the last semester, then you already have everything you need for this course. Even before you purchase WebAssign, you can freely use it for the first two weeks of class and so not miss any homework assignments.

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