My work lies between combinatorics and algebraic geometry

Research papers and preprints

  1. K-orbit closures and Barbasch-Evens-Magyar varieties, joint with B. Wyser, and A. Yong,
  2. Newton polytopes and symmetric Grothendieck polynomials, joint with A. Yong,
  3. The multidegree of the multi-image variety, joint with A. Knutson,
  4. Rhombic tilings and Bott-Samelson varieties, joint with O. Pechenik, B. E. Tenner, and A. Yong,
  5. Toric matrix Schubert varieties and their polytopes, joint with K. Mészáros
  6. Subword complexes via triangulations of root polytopes, joint with K. Mészáros
  7. Brick manifolds and toric varieties of brick polytopes
  8. Star1 -convex functions on tropical linear spaces of complete graphs
  9. Selected talks

Laura Escobar - J. L. Doob Research Assistant Professor - UIUC