University of Illinois Doob Colloquium
Spring 2017, Wednesdays 3-3:50PM, place: 243AH

date speaker affiliation title
February 1
Dan Berwick-Evans UIUC Modular forms, quantum field theory, and algebraic topology
February 8
Rebecca Tramel UIUC Stability and wall-crossing in algebraic geometry
February 22
Mark Bell UIUC Topology in dimensions 1, 2 and 3
March 1
Ivan Contreras UIUC Quotient spaces, Lie theory and quantization
March 8
Nicolas Robles UIUC What is the mollification of the Riemann zeta-function?
March 23
Spring Break No talk scheduled
March 29
Xin Zhang UIUC Apollonian Circle Packings and Beyond: Number Theory, Graph Theory and Geometric Statistics
April 5
Emily Cliff UIUC Vertex algebras, chiral algebras, and factorization algebras
April 12
Erik Walsberg UIUC First order logic and Sub-riemannian spheres.
April 26
Jennifer McNeilly UIUC TBA
May 3
Rosemary Guzman UIUC TBA

Abstracts are available here .

The seminar co-organizers are Ivan Contreras and Laura Escobar.