I am a J. L. Doob Research Assistant Professor at the mathematics department at UIUC working with Alexander Yong. In the fall 2016 I was a Postdoctoral Fellow for the thematic program on Combinatorial Algebraic Geometry at The Fields Institute for the fall semester. In the summer 2015 I was an Einstein Postdoc at TU Berlin working with Bernd Sturmfels. I finished my Ph.D. at Cornell University in May 2015 under the supervision of Allen Knutson.
I am interested in the interplay between Combinatorics and Algebraic Geometry.
I am a coorganizer of the Algebra-Geometry-Combinatorics Seminar at UIUC.

My email is lescobar (at) illinois.edu

Laura Escobar

J. L. Doob Research Assistant Professor - UIUC