Math 416: Abstract Linear Algebra, section E13

Basic Information

Prerequisites: math 241 or permission of instructor; math 347 recommended.

Textbook: Sergei Treil, Linear Algebra Done Wrong, July 2011 edition.
Available free online at
You can print it out and have it bound.

Homework: Homework problems will be assigned once a week. They are due the following week.
No late homework will be accepted.

  • Exams: There will be quizzes, two midterms and a final. You have to pass the final to pass the course. All exams will be closed book. The midterms will take place on February 29 and April 18 (these dates are not likely to to change). The final, according to the non-combined final examination schedule is to take place on Friday, May 11, 2012 at 7:00-10:00 pm in the regular classroom.

    The formula for the course grade is roughly as follows:

    There will be NO CURVE  

    Follow this link for homework assignments.
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