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Laugesen's Postdocs

  1. Bartłomiej Siudeja (2008-2011) J. L. Doob Research Assistant Professor
    Job: Assistant Professor, University of Oregon, 2011-2016; now Data Science Engineer at Adroll, 2016-present.

Laugesen's Graduate Students

  1. Scott Harman (2021-)
  2. Hanna Kim (2019-)
  3. Derek Kielty (2017-)
    Thesis area: spectral theory of PDEs, sign-changing weights, isoperimetric problems in mathematical physics.
  4. Jooyeon Chung (2013-2018) PhD Thesis: "Fourth order spectral theory and diffusion-driven instability"
    Photo: graduation (Jooyeon on right)
    Senior Engineer, Samsung SDS
  5. Shiya Liu (2013-2017) PhD Thesis: "Asymptotically optimal shapes for counting lattice points and eigenvalues"
    Photo: graduation (Shiya on left)
    Software Engineer, Google
  6. Sarah Soojin Son (2011-2014) PhD Thesis: "Spectral problems on triangles and disks: extremizers and ground states"
    Photo: graduation
    Visiting Instructor, Korea National University of Education, 2014-2015
  7. Jeffrey Langford (2011-2012 co-advisor) Ph.D. Thesis "Comparison theorems in elliptic partial differential equations with Neumann boundary conditions"
    Photo: contemplation
    Associate Professor, Bucknell University
  8. Inmi Kim (2008-2011) Ph.D. Thesis "Gabor frames with trigonometric spline dual windows"
    Photo: graduation
    Research Fellow, Daegu University, Korea
  9. Yue M. Lu (2006-2007) M.Sc. Thesis "A sampling theory for signals from a union of subspaces"
    Associate Professor, Harvard University
  10. L. Merc Chasman (2005-2009) Ph.D. Thesis "An isoperimetric inequality for fundamental tones of free plates"
    Associate Professor, University of Minnesota at Morris
  11. Adrian Iordache (2002 until he died 5 February 2004) Ph.D. student
    Photos: Akaroa and Ball Pass (January 2004)
  12. Kwang C. Shin (1999-2002) Ph.D. Thesis "On some Schrödinger eigenvalue problems from mathematical physics"
    Associate Professor, University of West Georgia