Math 442 Test 2, Spring 2008

Take home test, worth 20%.
Pick up the test from my office 376 Altgeld, Tuesday 1 April 4:30-5:00pm .
Turn in the test to my office 376 Altgeld, Wednesday 2 April before 5pm.

You may not communicate in any way with any person, about the content of the test. Exception: you may ask me for clarification of test questions.

While working on the test, you may use books, notes, and written materials, but no electronic resources or devices.

Study session Monday 31 March 4:30-5:30pm, in 345 Altgeld.
Office hours Tuesday 1 April 4-5pm, Wednesday 2 April 1-2pm (instead of class).

Sections 3.1-3.4, 4.1-4.2, 5.1-5.6, and all related homework. Use the Reading Guides, your lecture notes, and homework as a guide to the emphasis you should place on the various topics. Some test questions will build on the homework. Some questions will be new.

How to study

A few specific points: