Syllabus for Math 386, Section X1, Spring 2007

This section of Math 386 will have a computer component, using the free software package Iode. A couple of times during the semester the class will meet at an EWS lab, and half the homework assignments will have a computer component. You do not need any prior computing experience, for this.
Homework Due weekly to the tray outside 376 Altgeld 25%
Quizzes 15 minutes each, five times during the semester 5%
Test 1 Information, and Practice Test 1 and Solutions (missing some hand-drawn figures)
Tuesday 20 February, in class 15%
Test 2 Information, Practice Test 2 and Solutions (missing some hand-drawn figures)
Tuesday 3 April, in class 15%
Final Exam Information, and Practice Exam and Brief Answers
Tuesday 8 May, 7:00-10:00pm 40%

Note. The Practice Tests and Exam only cover Chapters 1,2,3,9, and provide no practice on Chapters 4,5.

You may not use books, notes, or electronic devices during the tests or exam.
Make up tests will be given only if you present written evidence, as soon as possible, that you did (or will have to) miss an exam for a legitimate reason, e.g. illness or family emergency. Travel and leisure plans are never a legitimate reason. Late homework will be accepted only if you get an extension from me.

There is no formula fixed in advance for turning your numerical score into a letter grade. But after each test, I will indicate approximate grade ranges, so that you have some idea of how you are doing.

How to Succeed: Always re-work your lecture notes before the next class, checking every step and filling in missing details. (Allow 1 hour for this.) Read the text as you re-work your notes. The text helps give you the big picture. Before each class, ask me about the points you didn't follow in the last class! Go over your HW solutions the day you get them back, debriefing on your successes and your mistakes. Be happy with the successes, and learn from the mistakes.