Blog on Edwards and Penney
Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems:
Computing and Modeling
, 3rd edition

Here are my personal opinions on what is good and what is not, and what is important and what is not, for a first course in Ordinary Differential Equations using the text by Edwards and Penney. Your feedback is welcome. Names in [brackets] indicate people who have contributed ideas.
- Richard Laugesen, Department of Mathematics, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Page numbers refer to the 3rd edition, and might have changed in the current edition.

Chapter 1 - First-Order Differential Equations

Chapter 2 - Mathematical Models and Numerical Methods

Chapter 3 - Linear Equations of Higher Order

Chapter 4 - Introduction to Systems of Differential Equations

Chapter 5 - Linear Systems of Differential Equations

Chapter 9 - Fourier Series Methods