Syllabus for Math 285, Spring 2010

Here are the grade cut-offs for the course as a whole (after your two lowest quiz scores and two lowest homework scores have been dropped):

The grades might not show up on the course grades system until Saturday 15 May. Also, note that some grades will be higher than shown currently on the system (by a plus/minus type amount) due to upwards rounding. In particular, when you get official grades, the A- range will be 82-85, the A range will be 86-89, and the A+ range will be 90-100. These sections of Math 285 will a computer component, using the free software package Iode. A couple of times during the semester the class will meet at an EWS lab, and many homework assignments will have a computer component. If you are a non-engineering student then you must email me during the first week, giving your NetID, so that I can create a free account for you.
Homework 15%
Quizzes Roughly 10 minutes long; up to 10 during the semester 10%
Test 1 Information and Solutions, and Practice Test 1 and Solutions
(missing the hand-drawn figures)
Friday 19 February, in class 15%
Test 2 Information and Solutions, and Practice Test 2 (note problem 7 not covered this year,
on this test) and Solutions (missing the hand-drawn figures)
Wednesday 31 March, in class 20%
Final Exam Information, and Practice Exam and Solutions.
Location of final exam: 228 Natural History Bldg.
Location for Sec. F1 conflict final: 245 Altgeld Hall
Tuesday 11 May, 7-10pm, for both sections
(conflict exam for Sec. F1 students will be on
Thursday 13 May, 8-11am)

You may not use books, notes or electronic devices on the tests or exam.

Make up tests will be given only if you present written evidence, as soon as possible, that you did (or will have to) miss an exam for a legitimate reason, e.g. illness or family emergency. Travel and leisure plans are never a legitimate reason. Late homework will be accepted only if you get an extension from me, in person or by email.

If you miss assigned work due to sickness or an emergency, then you must get a note from McKinley or from the Emergency Dean. Prof. Laugesen retains the right to decide how to handle such cases.

If you have another final exam conflicting with ours, then you must bring this to the attention of Prof. Laugesen as soon as possible, and definitely before the end of the semester. Final exam conflicts will be resolved following the guidelines set out in the Student Code.

There is no formula fixed in advance for turning your numerical score into a letter grade. After each test, I will indicate approximate grade ranges, so that you have some idea of how you are doing.

How to Succeed: Always re-work your lecture notes before the next class, checking every step and filling in missing details, and doing the relevant Quiz preparation problems. (Allow 1 hour for this.) Read the text as you re-work your notes - it helps you see the big picture. Start the HW early and get help on the problems you can't solve. Go over your HW solutions the day you get them back, debriefing on your successes and mistakes. Be happy with the successes, and learn from the mistakes.