Diagnostic Quiz on Precalculus and Calculus skills needed for Math 231

To do well in Calculus II, you need to have excellent Precalculus and Calculus I skills. This diagnostic quiz can help you determine where your skills could use some extra practice.

Diagnostic Quiz

Instructions: Give yourself 10 minutes for the Precalculus section, and 15 minutes for the Calculus section.
If you have difficulty with any question, skip it and go on.
Your TA can check your quiz, or you can check it yourself using the solutions.

For each question, there is an associated worksheet. If you have any difficulty with a part of a question on the quiz, do the worksheet for that question. If you are not sure how to do a problem on a worksheet, get help from a TA, an online video, or a textbook.

Worksheet for Question 1: lines and tangent line approximations

Worksheet for Question 2: exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions

Worksheet for Question 3: parabolas, circles, shifting graphs, completing the square, distances in the plane

Worksheet for Question 4: absolute values, square roots, and inequalities

Worksheet for Question 5: limits and growth rates

Worksheet for Question 6: definition of derivative, Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

Worksheet for Question 7: some derivatives to have at your fingertips

Worksheet for Question 8: computing derivatives of complicated functions

Worksheet for Question 9: some integrals to have at your fingertips

Worksheet for Question 10: integration by method of substitution

Read this when you have finished your worksheets.

Here are some free online resources.

YouTube has tons of online math videos -- search the specific topic you want to learn about.
University of Utah's Calculus I lecture videos
Khan Academy
Rice University's free online textbooks (OPENSTAX)

Profs and TAs read this