Math 412
Introduction to Graph Theory
Sections C13 and C14

Instructor: Alexandr Kostochka
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Time and place: 10 - 10:50 am MWF, 245 Altgeld Hall
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  • Topics and proofs for Exam 2 (Spring 20)
    1. Eulerian graphs and digraphs. De Bruijn graphs. 2. Extremal problems on graphs. Mantel's Theorem. 3. Trees, characterizations of trees. 4. Prufer codes, Cayley's formula. 5. Counting spanning trees in graphs, Matrix Tree Theorem. 6. Minimum spanning trees. Algorithms of Kruskal and Prim. 7. Matchings in bipartite graphs. Hall's Theorem. 8. Matchings and covers. Konig-Egervary Theorem. 9. Gallai's Theorem ( edge covers and matchings). 10. Matchings in general graphs. Tutte's Theorem. 11. Berge-Tutte Formula, a parity remark. 12. Theorems of Petersen. 13. Connectivity and edge connectivity for graphs and directed graphs. 14. Expansion Lemma. 15. A characterization of 2-connected graphs. 16. Ear decomposition of 2-connected graphs.
    One of the problems on Exam 2 will be a proof of one of the following claims: 1. Lemma 2.7, it is in the handout [ Prim's algorithm and a lemma on minimum spanning trees] on the course page. 2. Berge's Theorem (Theorem 3.1)(Theorem 3.1.10 in the book) on M-augmenting paths. 3. Hall's Theorem (Theorem 3.2)(Theorem 3.1.11 in the book) on matchings in bipartite graphs. 4. Konig-Egervary Theorem on vertex cover in bipartite graphs (Theorem 3.4)(Theorem 3.1.16 in the book). 5. Gallai's Theorem on maximim matchings and edge covers in graphs without isolated vertices (Theorem 3.5)(Theorem 3.1.22 in the book). 6. Petersen's Theorem on 2-factors in 2k-regular graphs (Theorem 3.10) (Theorem 3.3.10 in the book). 7. Petersen's theorem (Theorem 3.9)(Corollary 3.3.8 in the book) on perfect matchings in 3-regular graphs with no cut edges.

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