Instructor: Sheldon Katz
Email/Phone: katzs AT (email is usually quicker than phone)
Office and Hours: To be announced, 301 Altgeld Hall, or by appointment
Class Time and location: TuTh 12:30-1:45, 113 Davenport Hall.
Text: Introduction to Toric Varieties, W. Fulton, Annals of Math Studies 131, Princeton University Press, Princeton NJ 1993. ([F])
Supplementary Texts: Mirror Symmetry and Algebraic Geometry, D.A. Cox and S. Katz (Chapter 3 only) ([CK]), and Toric Varieties, D.A. Cox , J. Little, and H. Schenck ([CLS]).
Reserves: Hardcopy of all of the above texts are on reserve at the Mathematics Library. Electronic copies of [F] and [CK] are available, but not of [CLS]. However, here is a preliminary version of [CLS], posted with permission of the authors.
Course Syllabus is here.

Weekly class plans
Homeworks: [F]=Fulton; [CLS]=Cox-Little=Schenck
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