Lon-Capa Electronic Homework

Accessing the Electronic homework:

The electronic homework will be located on LON-CAPA, The Learning Online Network with Computer-Assisted Personalized Approach.  You can access LON-CAPA by clicking on the link below.  You will log in with your UIUC NetID and Active Directory password. 



In order for the math symbols to show up properly within Lon-Capa, you'll need to change the Math Display Settings. Once you are logged into Lon-capa, follow these steps: 1) Go to the "Main Menu" tab at the top. 2) Choose "Set my user preferences" with the "My Space" box on the left. 3) Choose "Math Display Settings" from the "Content Display Settings" at the top. 4) From the pulldown menu, choose "jsMath" and click Save.

Completing the electronic homework:

Once you have logged into Lon-Capa and gotten into the Math 115 course (in case you are using Lon-Capa in other courses also), one of the menu items at the top should say "Course Contents".  On that page, you will see a list of folders - some may contain information or links to resources and others will contain the actual homework assignments.  You may need to click on the folder to get the individual problems to appear.  You can click on the individual problems in the list to work on them.  You will have 10 tries to answer each question correctly.  You can use the green arrows at the top of the screen to move from one problem to the next, BUT BE AWARE that those arrows will continue to take you to the next problem, even if that problem is in a different homework assignment.  Thus, you may want to check the menu bar each time you click the right arrow to make sure you are still working on the correct assignment.

You are responsible for meeting the deadlines for the electronic homework assignments thus we encourage you to check Lon-Capa often and start the homework well in advance of the deadlines.  Running out of time or running into technical issues at the last minute will not be considered valid reasons for missing a deadline.