Math 482
Linear Optimization, Spring 2018

Instructor:   Jozsef   Balogh
Office: 233B Illini Hall
Phone: (217) 244-1918 (office)
Time and place: 10:00- 10:50 am MWF, 319 Gregory Hall
Final exam: 7:00-10:00 p.m., Wednesday, May 9, in the class room.
Things to know about the final:
(i) Everything could be asked what was covered in the class.
(ii) It should be written on the final exam that which homework scores (upto two assigmnets)
(iii) Part I of final will be on statements of theorems, definitions, non-technical algorithms, and for that part there cannot be note used. It will be collected about after 60 minutes.
(iv) For Part II, a one page (A4 double sided) handwritten notes can be used. It should be with own hand writting, and needs to be submitted.

Review for final: Monday 10-12. May 7. 145 AH

There were 5.5 homework assignments and 2 take home exams. Homework allows you to choose five out of six problems to write up, for students taking the class for 3 credits. Students for 4 credits should solve all the problems. The take home exams are 20%- 20% each, final exam is 30%, which could be 6% larger in case (upto two) homework scores are dropped. This needs to be indicated on the cover page of the final exam.

Some book in Linear Optimization.

  • Homework 3: DUE:  April 6 (Friday)  

  • Homework 4: DUE:  April 18 (Wednesday)  

  • Homework 5: DUE:  May 2 (Wednesday), no electronic copy, no late submition is accepted, no exception, ONLY with doctoral note. To be posted April 26.  

  • Take Home Exam II.: Due April 25 by the beginning of the class. (no electronic copy is accepted). posted on April 19. Late submition is accepted ONLY with doctoral note, no exception.: