Math 430, Topology, Fall 1999

This course meets 11am MWF, in Altgeld 143, and is taught by Prof. John Sullivan.

The syllabus is available online.

The homework assignments will be posted online as they are assigned, and are most often due on Wednesdays.

The midterms (open-book) will be in class on dates to be announced in early October and early November.

The official prerequisites are Math 317 and 348: students should have some familiarity with groups and with complex functions.

The eggmath pages include discussion of the ham sandwich theorem and other topological results related to some of our recent discussion in class.

NSF GRADUATE FELLOWSHIPS: In March 2000, the NSF will award approximately 900 NEW three-year Graduate Fellowships in all fields. The number going to mathematicians will be proportional to the number who apply in our discipline, so it is a very good idea to encourage _every_ potential candidate in our departments to send in an application since this will definitely result in more funds allocated to the study of mathematics. Applications are due November 4, 1999. See