Math 296, Honors Seminar:

Mathematics and Music


Geometry and the Imagination

Spring 2000

in 243 Altgeld Hall, MWF at 2pm (sect F1).
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and course news will be posted as appropriate.
John M. Sullivan,, 326 Illini Hall,
244-5930 (with answering machine); mailbox in 250 Altgeld.
Office hours:
Tentatively, Mon,Thu 3-4pm, or by appointment.
At the time of writing this (summer '99) I have not yet decided whether this course in Spring 2000 will be a repeat of the popular Math 296 I taught Spring 1999 on "Geometry and the Imagination", or a new course on "Mathematics and Music", which would cover the mathematics of scales and tuning systems, symmetries in music, and other interactions between math and music. If you have a preference, please let me know.