I taught at the University of Minnesota from 1991 to 1997. For some of the more recent courses, there are descriptions available online. In Spring 1997, I taught (with Heidi Burgiel and Hinke Osinga) the course Math 5337. This is called either Computational Methods in Elementary Geometry or Technology in the Geometry Classroom, and is designed mostly for those interested in teaching geometry in high schools, using tools like Sketchpad.

In Winter 1997, I taught Abstract Algebra (Math 5246) and Precalculus (Math 1151). If Fall 1996, I taught a version of my "Geometry and the Imagination" course to about 20 nonscientists at UIUC. In Spring Quarter 1996, I taught the same course at Minnesota, in the CLA Honors Colloquium program. In Winter Quarter 1996, I taught lecture section 3 of Math 1142, Short Calculus.