Research support for John Sullivan

My mathematical research on optimal geometry is currently supported by an individual grant from the NSF.

From May to December 2000, I was the acting director of the Center for Process Simulation and Design (CPSD) here at Illinois, funded by NSF/DARPA's OPAAL program.

I collaborated with Hassan Aref and Siggi Thoroddsen of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics on a NASA project studying foams.

I am working with Sue Tolman and Bridget Arvold (Math Education) on the METER project (part of IPLP) to improve the training of highschool math teachers; we have also received funding from the NSF for the GK-12 EdGrid program.

Here are some details of the grants:

Multiscale Models for Microstructure Simulation and Process Design (CPSD)
NSF DMR-01-21695, PIs: Robert B. Haber, Duane D. Johnson, Jonathan A. Dantzig
$4000k, 1 Oct 2001 - 30 Sep 2006.
GK-12 EdGrid Graduate Teaching Fellows Program
NSF DGE-00-86455, PI: Eric Jakobsson
$1500k, 1 Apr 2001 - 30 Apr 2004.
Optimal Geometry: Theory and Computation
NSF DMS-00-71520, PI: John Sullivan
$106k, 1 Sep 2000 - 31 Aug 2003.
Illinois Professional Learners Partnership (IPLP)
US Department of Education, (grant P336990042-00A) PI: Paul Vogt (ISU), UIUC Co-PIs: Renee Clift, Bridget Arvold
$1994k (UIUC), 1 Oct 1999 - 30 Sep 2004.
Simulation and Optimization of Casting and Extrusion Processes (CPSD)
NSF DMS-98-73945, PI: Robert B. Haber, Co-PIs: David A. Padua, John M. Sullivan
$2199k, 1 Oct 1998 - 30 Sep 2001.
Fluid Physics of Foam Evolution and Flow
NASA NAG3-2122, PI: Hassan Aref, Co-PIs: John M. Sullivan, Sigurdur Thoroddsen
$405k, 7 Jan 1998 - 6 Jan 2002.
Theory and Computation of Optimal Geometries
NSF DMS-97-27859, PI: John Sullivan
$80k, 1 Sep 1997 - 31 Aug 2000.