These photos of mathematical art are from my trip to Europe in June 1999. Click on any thumbnail image for a larger JPEG version.
Photos copyright by John Sullivan.
In Ávila, Spain, there is a museum exhibiting historical artifacts from Roman times to the present. One Roman mosaic floor includes a design representing the Whitehead link.

Also in Ávila, the Monasterio de Santo Tomas, founded by Ferdinand and Isabella, includes many heraldic decorations, including a yoke and arrows whose rope is usually tied in interesting knots.

At the new Isaac Newton Institute for mathematics in Cambridge, England, there are three sculptures (based on the Borromean rings) by John Robinson, entitled "Genesis", (??) and "Creation".

The sculpture below was designed by John Sullivan with Nat Friedman, using a computer program written by Carlo Séquin to design sculptures similar to some by Brent Collins. The physical object was produced by Séquin on his Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) machine, a Stratasys 1650. The gray parts are support structures to hold the overhangs of the yellow model while they solidify, and will be removed later.