Images for the 2001 AMS edition of

"Plateau's Problem" by Frederick J. Almgren, Jr.

Images copyright 2001, John M Sullivan

These pictures show soap-film geometry computed in Ken Brakke's Surface Evolver, using input files prepared by Brakke to mimic the hand-drawn illustrations in the original editiion of Almgren's book. They are rendered using Sullivan's custom soap-film shader for Pixar's Renderman.
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multicat6W.jpeg multicat6.jpeg mobius.jpeg knot23Y.jpeg retract.jpeg unknotfullW.jpeg unknotfull.jpeg unknotpart.jpeg thickwire.jpeg catdisk.jpeg catleft.jpeg catdown.jpeg catplain.jpeg catfat.jpeg catskinny.jpeg catdisks.jpeg bubble2.jpeg bub2exp.jpeg triple.jpeg treflixpart.jpeg treflixman.jpeg tripleC.jpeg tripleCb.jpeg tripleCw.jpeg