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In addition to the notes collected here, invaluable resources are people's theses in finite geometry.

Other pages that also have collections of notes, although those notes should mostly be included in the list below as well, include:


Title Authors Formats
An Introduction to Finite Geometry S. Ball dvi, pdf, ps
Finite Geometry C. Godsil pdf
Finite Geometries J. Bierbrauer ps
Classical Groups O.H. King ps, ps.gz
Notes on Classical Groups P. Cameron web page
Semi-linear Groups over Finite Fields J.W.P. Hirschfeld ps, ps.gz
On Collineation Groups of Finite Planes A. Bonisoli pdf
Projective and Polar Spaces P. Cameron web page
Finite Geometry and Coding Theory P. Cameron ps, ps.gz
Polynomial Codes and Finite Geometries (Chapter 16 of "Handbook of Coding Theory", Vol. 2) E.F. Assmus, Jr
J.D. Key
pdf, ps
Prehistory and History of Polar Spaces and of Generalized Polygons F. Buekenhout pdf
Generalized Polygons and Semipartial Geometries F. De Clerck
J.A. Thas
H. Van Maldeghem
Model Theory Applied to Generalized Polygons and Conversely K. Tent pdf
Generalized Polygons in Projective Spaces H. Van Maldeghem pdf
Moufang Polygons R. Weiss pdf
Moufang Quadrangles: Characterizations, Classification, Generalizations J.A. Thas
K. Thas
H. Van Maldeghem
pdf, ps
Finite Generalized Quadrangles J.A. Thas
G. Lunardon
Plücker Coordinates and the Klein Correspondence - With Applications to Generalized Quadrangles S.E. Payne ps
Flocks, ovals and generalised quadrangles (Four Lectures in Napoli, June 2000) (abstract) M. Law
T. Penttila
Flock Generalized Quadrangles and Related Structures: An Update S.E. Payne pdf
Automorphisms and Characterizations of Finite Generalized Quadrangles K. Thas pdf
The Ghinelli-Löwe Construction of Generalized Quadrangles: An Exposition S.E. Payne
D. Ghinelli
Some Combinatorial Properties of Finite Generalized Octagons K. Coolsaet pdf
Constructions and Characterizations of (Semi)partial Geometries F. De Clerck ps
(α,β)-Geometries from Polar Spaces F. De Clerck pdf
Recent Results on Near Polygons: A Survey B. De Bruyn pdf
The Subiaco Notebook: An Introduction to q-Clan Geometry, q=2e S.E. Payne ps
The q-Clan Geometries with q = 2e S.E. Payne
I. Cardinali
Unitals C.M. O'Keefe ps
The Mathieu Groups and their Geometries H. Cuypers pdf
A Shortened Introduction to Diagram Geometry, with an Appendix on Flag-Transitive Extensions of Finite Polar Spaces A. Pasini ps
Flocks of Cones B. Cherowitzo html
Nuclei in Projective Planes F. Mazzocca ps
Caps Y. Edel html
Arcs and Caps in Projective Spaces J.W.P. Hirschfeld
G. Korchmáros
L. Storme
The Cyclic Arc of Size q - √q + 1 G. Korchmáros ps
Complete Arcs arising from Conics and Cubics G. Korchmáros ps
(Hyper)ovals and Ovoids in Projective Spaces M. Brown pdf
Hyperovals in Desarguesian Planes: An Electronic Update B. Cherowitzo html
Spreads and Ovoids of Finite Generalized Quadrangles M. Brown pdf
Ovoids and Spreads of Polar Spaces and Generalized Polygons F. De Clerck
H. Van Maldeghem
(Partial) t-Spreads and minimal t-covers in Finite Projective Spaces J. Eisfeld
L. Storme
Blocking Sets in Projective and Affine Planes Aart Blokhuis ps
Embeddings of Geometries in Finite Projective Spaces J.A. Thas
H. Van Maldeghem
Matrix Techniques for Strongly Regular Graphs and Related Geometries W. Haemers pdf

Other useful and interesting things

Description Authors Formats
A complete bibliography in the area of Finite Projective Spaces J.W.P. Hirschfeld .bbl (text file)
The (known) projective planes of order 16 G. Royle html
The translation planes of order 49 G. Royle html

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