Jeremiah Heller

Email: jbheller AT illinois
Office: 308 in 805 W. Penn
Phone: (217) 265-0724

I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics, at UIUC. 
My broad research interests are in homotopy theory and algebraic geometry, especially interactions between homotopy theory (classical, equivariant, and motivic), algebraic cycles, and algebraic K-theory. 



(Alternatively you can see a list of my papers on the arXiv here). 

The tom Dieck splitting theorem in equivariant motivic homotopy theory. w/ D. Gepner. To appear in Journal of the Institute of Mathematics of Jussieu.

Free Z/p^n complexes and p-DG modules. w/ M. Stephan.

Rigidity for equivariant psuedo pretheories. w/ C. Ravi and P.A. Ostvaer. To appear in Journal of Algebra

Some remarks on topological K-theory of dg categories.  w/ B. Antieau. Proceedings of the AMS. 146 (2018) no. 10, 4211-4219.

The stable Galois correspondence for real closed fields.  w/ K. Ormsby. Proceedings of the Mid-Atlantic Topology Conference. Cont. Math 707 (2018).

K-theoretic obstructions to bounded t-structures.  w/ B. Antieau and D. Gepner. To appear, Inventiones Mathematicae.

Primes and fields in motivic homotopy theory.  w/ K. Ormsby. Geometry & Topology, 22 (2018), 2187-2218.

Toplogical comparison theorems for Bredon motivic cohomology. w/ M. Voineagu and P.A. Ostvaer. To appear, Trans. Amer. Math. Soc.

Motivic homotopy theory of group scheme actions. w/ A. Krishna, P.A. Ostvaer. Journal Of Topology, 8 (2015) no. 4, 1202-1236.

Galois equivariance and stable motivic homotopy theory.  w/ K. Ormsby. Trans Amer. Math. Soc., 368 (2016) no.11, 8047-8077.

Motivic strict ring spectra representing semi-topological cohomology theories. Homology, Homotopy, and Applications, 17 (2015) no.2, 107-135.

Equivariant cycles and cancellation for motivic cohomology. w/ M. Voineagu and P. A. Osttvaer. Doc. Math. 20 (2015) 269-332.

Equivariant semi-topological K-homology and a theorem of Thomason. w/ J. Hornbostel. J. of K-Theory 12 (2013) no. 3, 493-549.

Remarks on filtrations of the homology of real varieties. w/ M. Voineagu. Doc. Math. 17 (2012), 641-661.

Equivariant algebraic cobordism. w/ J. Malagon Lopez. J. Reine Angew. Math. (Crelle) 684 (2013), 87-112.

Equivariant semi-topological invariants, Atiyah's KR-theory, and real algebraic cycles. w/ M.Voineagu.  Trans Amer. Math. Soc. 364 (2012), no. 12, 6565-6603.

Vanishing theorems for real algebraic cycles. w/ M. Voineagu. Amer. J. Math 134 (2012), 649-709.

Vitamin K1: Workshop on the Kerz-Strunk-Tamme  proof of Weibel's conjecture. May 30-June 1, 2018 at UIC.


Spring 2023: Math 417
Fall 2021: Math 241
Spring 2021: Math 527
Fall 2020: Math 526
Fall 2019: Math 241
Fall 2018: Math 417, Math 512  
Spring 2018: Math 417
Fall 2017: Math 595, Math 512
Fall 2016: Math 347
Spring 2016: Math 402
Fall 2015: Math 213

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