Math 234 Section BL1, BL2, and BL3, Calculus for Business I, Spring 2019


A mandatory prerequisite for Math 234 is a score of 65% or higher on an ALEKS PPL exam, on an assessment taken September 17, 2018, or later. For more information, students should see and must have met the prerequisite by January 18, 2019, to avoid being dropped from the class.


The following textbook is required:

Course Description

Math 234, Calculus for Business I, is an introduction to the concept of functions and the basic ideas of Calculus. This is an application-oriented class for students majoring in business, economics, or social sciences. The main goal is to present applied calculus so that students understand the full picture of the concepts they are learning, and how those concepts can be applied to real-world situations. Chapters 1–9 of the textbook will be covered in this course.


You are expected to come to every lecture and every discussion/recitation on time and stay until the end of class. There will often be announcements made in class about office hours, room for exams, etc. If you miss a class or arrive late, check the detailed course diary page or talk to someone else in the class about any important announcements.


Homework will be done online using MyMathLab. Directions for logging in the first time can be found here. Graded homework will be assigned almost every week. Homework is due every Monday morning at 9:00am. Late homeworks are not accepted for any reason; however, the lowest 2 homework scores will be dropped. In order to log into MyMathLab for the first time, you will need to access the site through the Moodle page. You will also need your personal access code. Your personal access code either comes with your textbook, can be purchased seperately at the bookstore, or can be purchased online with a credit card while you are trying to register.

Technical Problems with MyMathLab

If you have technical problems with the MyMathLab system, Try to do the following steps before asking for help: If the above does not work, please contact Pearson Tech Support while at your computer that is having the issue: then scroll down and click on contact us. You will need to answer a few questions and then will have an option for a live chat or phone call.

Note: A campus representative will be in MCB Learning Center (101 Burrill Hall) from 10 AM – 3 PM on Wednesday, January 16 and Thursday, January 17, to help you with MyMathLab related issues. The Learning Center is located on the first floor of Burrill Hall and the room within the space is 116 Burrill Hall.

Group Work:

Group work will be an integral part of the twice weekly discussion sections. It will be graded entirely based on participation. There are no make-up groupwork; however, the 3 lowest group work scores will be dropped.


There will be a brief quiz given in sections every Tuesday (with the exception of test weeks). These quizzes will consist of 2 problems and should take fewer than 10 minutes to complete. There are no make-up quizzes; however, the lowest 2 quiz grades will be dropped.

Calculator Policy:

No calculators are allowed on quizzes or tests.

Course Policies

Overall grading: Your course grade will be based on the groupwork (5%), quizzes (10%), homework (10%), three midterm exams (15% each), and a comprehensive final exam (30%). Overall grade cutoffs will never be stricter than 90% for an A- grade, 80% for a B-, and so on. Curve in the final course grade is possible but rare.

Exams: There will be three evening midterm exams, which will be held from 7:15–8:30pm on February 12, March 12, and April 16. You must bring a picture ID to all exams.

There will be a combined final exam for all lectures of Math 234 Section B. The date and time will be scheduled by the registrar about halfway through the semester; until this date is announced, make no plans to leave campus prior to Friday, May 10.

All exams will be closed book and notes, and no calculators or other electronic devices (e.g. cell phones) will be permitted; where indicated, all work must be shown to receive any credit on a problem.

Conflict exams: If you have a conflict with one of the exam times, please consult the university policy on evening midterm exams and final exam conflicts. Based on that, if you think your situation qualifies you to take the conflict exam, you need to fill out this webform at least one week before the exam date. You will need to provide documentation as to the nature of your conflict, and I reserve final judgment as to which exam you will take.

Missed exams: If you miss a test due to illness, accident, or other emergency, then you should promptly email me to explain your absence. Within one week of the missed test you must also present official documentation to explain your absence. If I officially excuse your absence, then you will be given a make-up exam.

Missed quizzes: Generally, these are taken care of with the policy of dropping the lowest scores.

Regrading: The section leaders and myself try hard to accurately grade all exams and quizzes. If you think there is an error then it should be discussed with me in office hours and must be initiated using the Grade Explanation Form. You have exactly one week after the day your work is passed back in class to discuss these issues. After this time, no changes will be made to your score.

Viewing grades online: You can always find the details of your worksheet, quiz, homework, and exam scores here.

Large-lecture Etiquette: Since there are more than 250 people in the room, it’s particularly important to arrive on time, remember to turn off your cell phone, refrain from talking, not pack up your stuff up until the bell has rung, etc. Otherwise it will quickly become hard for the other students to pay attention.

Cheating: Cheating is taken very seriously as it takes unfair advantage of the other students in the class, and is handled as per Article 1 Part 4 of the student code. Penalties for cheating on exams, in particular, are very high, typically resulting in a 0 on the exam or an F in the class.

Disabilities: Students with disabilities who require reasonable accommodations to participate in this class should contact me as soon as possible. In particular, any accommodation on quizzes and exams must be requested at least a week in advance and will require a letter from DRES.

Sources of help

Ask questions in class: This applies to both the main lecture and the sections. The lecture may be large, but I still strongly encourage you to ask questions there. If you’re confused about something, then several dozen other people are as well.

The Math 234 tutoring room: Come and work with the TAs and your classmates on homework, test preparation, and any general questions about Math 234 on any Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 4pm–8pm in 345 Altgeld. The tutoring room will be staffed starting Tuesday, January 15.

Come to office hours: I have office hours on Tuesday 10:00–11:30am and Friday 10:00–11:30am in 24 Illini Hall. If none of those times work for you, you can make an appointment by sending me email or talking to me after class.

Lecture notes and section worksheets solutions are all posted on Moodle.

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