This page provides details on projects I have run in the past, with links to project reports or posters where available. The projects fall under four general themes:
Some projects (such as most of the projects under the latter four themes) are conducted under the framework of the Illinois Geometry Lab (IGL), and require formal applications through the IGL. Others are run as independent projects in small groups of two or three students, and arranged directly with the students, with the option (but no requirement) of earning course credit in Math 492 (Undergraduate Research in Mathematics) or Math 390 (Guided Individual Study). The latter format allows greater flexibility in terms of deadlines, time commitment, and team composition. These projects can in principle be arranged at any time, but are usually finalized at/near the beginning of the semester. If you are interested in such a project, just contact me directly (email, attach your cv and transcript).

For upcoming projects and research opportunities see my Undergraduate Research Page.

Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability

Interactive Visualizations with Mathematica

Game Theory and Related Areas

Randomness in Number Theory

Calculus, Geometry, and Probability in n Dimensions

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